Admin Training Day 3 – The Laws of Leadership


Another great day of learning with the administration team!  A lot of good info on Leadership, and cultivating leaders in our schools.  At MSE we push for student and teacher leaders, and our “today a reader, tomorrow a leader” district mission is embodied in our school.  Can’t wait to get back to school and start implementing more leadership opportunities.

Biggest Takeaway: Surround yourself with leaders, and help push those who are willing to take on those roles and let them lead.  John Maxwell says to spend time cultivating those top 20-30% of leaders in your organization, and they will help you go far.  Ron Clark says “Feed your Runners.”  With great leaders by your side, you can do great things.  Lets do great things for our kids!

What types of things have you done to push your leaders forward, or what examples of great leadership in your organization have you seen?  Comment on the comment link above!

Admin Summer Training Day 2!

IMG_1241 IMG_1245

Goal Setting, 5D, Year Planning, OH MY!  A lot was accomplished today at our admin training – first of all discussing, planning, and sharing what we will focus on for the upcoming year.  Then a great discussion on the 5 Dimensions of teaching and learning, including getting specific about teacher and student and what a teacher can do to be excellent in various areas – a great activity to bring back to staff.  Lastly, as pictured above, we looked at student data and learned what we need to do to increase student achievement next year – it’s going to be difficult but we are up for the challenge!

Some things listed in the poster pictured above, as MSE’s main focus next year:

  • 1:1 Ipad pilot – use your tech!
  • Ron Clarkin’ It – Relationships and Fun!
  • Teacher and Student Web Logs and Portfolios
  • Google Classroom
  • Teaching with the Brain in mind :)
  • Rigor/Vigor/Grit
  • Growth Mindset
  • Engagement, Assessment, Environment


Summer admin training 2015 day 1

Summer is always a great time to reflect and regroup for the upcoming year, and today my enthusiasm just got a shot in the arm!  Ernie Chapin, a veteran educator and speaker was speaking my language – can’t wait to bring it back to MSE #schoolofheroes!

Big takeaways today:

  • Relationships with kids is the most important thing a teacher can cultivate
  • Kids with the most trouble in school are the ones who need those positive relationships the most
  • Unite students and staff around a positive mentally affirming creed for your school
  • Kids who experience aggression at home will not respond well to trying to intimidate or being tough with them
  • You cannot take what kids say personally
  • Kids know when you care, and will respond to it
  • Mse is on the right track!

Championship Year at #schoolofheroes

MSE is prepping for their biggest year yet!  Here’s a teacher produced promo about our Awesome School!


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