I am a classroom teacher and principal, who loves learning and reading and writing.  Teaching is a passion, and I’m always looking at new and different ways to get kids to learn and enjoy learning.  I have been teaching for 6 years, and I have a Masters in Administration and Principalship.  I want to share my insights and hope to learn from other’s observations as well.

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4 responses to “About”

  1. Tiffany Jones says :

    Hi Karl! Fun blog! So from the looks of your blog I am assuming you are teaching reading. I am also teaching one Reading Support Class this year to 6th graders. It starts at 7:45 in the morning. Do you have any suggestions to get these guys motivated? And what do you think is the most important area to focus on to improve the reading comprehension of kids this age? (It is my first time teaching a “reading” class and it has been trial and error and fixing so far. Our curriculum is kind of crappy)

    Looking forward to any advice you have!!

    • misteredie1 says :

      Thanks Tiff! I teach reading and everything else in an elementary classroom to a broad range of ages. For your kids, I’m not sure what range of reading ability they are at. Are they all at least at a 4th grade level, or do some still struggle with simple chapter books? That would be the first consideration – what level is the MAJORITY at (because we KNOW they aren’t all going to be at the same level!) 🙂
      Not knowing the curriculum you have, or what you’ve tried so far, or (and most importantly) what latitude you have to STRAY from that curriculum, I can’t be sure if the advice I’m giving will be the most effective (the demographics of your kids will make a difference too), but my best, most broad advice would be to find material they might like – even if it doesn’t seem like a “classic”. I’ve read quite a few studies on the benefits of comics and graphic novels with struggling readers and boys. The book “Diary of a Wimpy kid” merges cartoons and narrative prose to form a hybrid book that is hilarious and speaks to middle school age kids (personally too, It’s one of my favorites.) Thanks for the idea for a new blog, too! I’ll talk more at length on my ideas about this in a bit. GOOD LUCK! (you won’t need it. Your awesome personality is probably the best thing for those kids to get them going each morning) 🙂

  2. stephanie fitzpatrick says :

    WHOA!!! You are a quick study! Thanks for visiting!

  3. stephanie fitzpatrick says :

    Hey you fabulous you! You are nominated for the Academy Award Winning Writers Association for…drumroll…The Most Versatile! The Academy would like to thank you for your unending/unwavering awesomeness from yours truly @ Random Acts. Don’t forget me in your acceptance speech! Kiss, kiss, hugs all around!

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