GLAD journey starts now….

Guided language acquisition design is a great way to scaffold and help students with understanding concepts.  We have started working with kindergarten and moving up the grade levels to incorporate these strategies in our teaching – we’re just getting started and it will be an exciting journey!

Kinder teachers met with esd trainers today to dig deeper in using pictures, charts, graphs, and chants to help with visual and aural assistance – for instance talking about the parts of a fruit and the growth cycle and helping connect the vocabulary with scientific drawings, connecting concepts through colors, and charting the information to help compartmentalize the new knowledge.

Along with looking at apples, their growth and usage, making applesauce, and incorporating those concepts into math and reading, charts like this posted around the room help with writing and speaking about the concepts.

Next steps – incorporating these strategies in all the subjects, adding observation charts, sentence stems,  picture cards, expressive oral language charts, narrative input…. Can’t wait to see how far we can go to help our kids and blaze a trail of exploration!

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I am a husband, father, teacher and principal who loves to help students learn and reach their highest potential. I believe teaching is the ground floor to a better world - the children ARE the future!

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