Admin Summer Training Day 2!

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Goal Setting, 5D, Year Planning, OH MY!  A lot was accomplished today at our admin training – first of all discussing, planning, and sharing what we will focus on for the upcoming year.  Then a great discussion on the 5 Dimensions of teaching and learning, including getting specific about teacher and student and what a teacher can do to be excellent in various areas – a great activity to bring back to staff.  Lastly, as pictured above, we looked at student data and learned what we need to do to increase student achievement next year – it’s going to be difficult but we are up for the challenge!

Some things listed in the poster pictured above, as MSE’s main focus next year:

  • 1:1 Ipad pilot – use your tech!
  • Ron Clarkin’ It – Relationships and Fun!
  • Teacher and Student Web Logs and Portfolios
  • Google Classroom
  • Teaching with the Brain in mind 🙂
  • Rigor/Vigor/Grit
  • Growth Mindset
  • Engagement, Assessment, Environment


Summer admin training 2015 day 1

Summer is always a great time to reflect and regroup for the upcoming year, and today my enthusiasm just got a shot in the arm!  Ernie Chapin, a veteran educator and speaker was speaking my language – can’t wait to bring it back to MSE #schoolofheroes!

Big takeaways today:

  • Relationships with kids is the most important thing a teacher can cultivate
  • Kids with the most trouble in school are the ones who need those positive relationships the most
  • Unite students and staff around a positive mentally affirming creed for your school
  • Kids who experience aggression at home will not respond well to trying to intimidate or being tough with them
  • You cannot take what kids say personally
  • Kids know when you care, and will respond to it
  • Mse is on the right track!

Championship Year at #schoolofheroes

MSE is prepping for their biggest year yet!  Here’s a teacher produced promo about our Awesome School!

Lego Robotics Club!


For the past several weeks, #schoolofheroes kids have had the opportunity to learn and explore with LEGO Robotics kits!  Not only has it been an exciting learning environment where kids can experience STEM Engineering concepts, they have also had a lot of fun doing it.  The student pictured above is having a blast – little does he know he is expanding connections and dendrites in his brain every second he pieces those blocks together!  Or take another student – “B” – who told me several days before that he was COUNTING THE DAYS until Lego club – and this is a student who has told parents and teachers he doesn’t like school, he has trouble making friends.  It’s increased his knowldege, his confidence, and his love of learning.  Doesn’t get any better than that.  It’s why I love education.  It’s why I come back to work every day even when it’s tough.  Because experiences like LEGO Robotics or dance, or music or drama or gardening, photography, a great history or science project – you never know what is going to change a life.  Can’t wait to see what’s next!


Next Year will bring a lot of changes to our school (as it does EVERY year) and we are already getting ramped up for it!  Change is scary, but necessary.  Without change, we never move forward.  And at MSE we are always moving forward, into the future!  The biggest change next year will be our Apple ConnectED grant, allowing all students and teachers to have an ipad – the apple ecosystem of technology and applications will revolutionize education, and I can’t wait to be there to see it!

MSE – Welcome to the Future!


Spring Carnival (Parents and Kids are Awesome)

Lesson I learned this week: Give a kid and/or a parent a job and they will do it with a fire and enthusiasm you’ve never seen before 🙂  We held our spring carnival and I feel like I did nothing – Our PTO sold all the food, our leadership kids took over booths and sno cone sales, and our kids ran all the booths, some without needing supervision (including a kindergarten booth while Ms. McClelland got dunked in the dunk tank).  Everyone went above and beyond, happily, to put on a fun activity for the community.  That’s what the school of is all about – creating Heroes in our community.  We got a little closer to our vision this week, with a little help from our friends, teachers, students, parents…..(even some HS and Jr. High volunteers!)  Thanks again.

Make Some Memories

The sad fact is, many students don’t like school.  They don’t want to go to school each morning, they dread the classes, maybe the kids, maybe even the teachers.  This has got to stop!  No kid wakes up on the day they’re to go to disneyland and says “i don’t want to go!”

So – emulate those that have it figured out.  Why not be a little bit more like disneyland?  Or the zoo?  Or the park?  Or all the other places you can think of they always ask “can we go to….”

One way we’ve tapped into a sense of fun is through media publishing.  The kids love getting their face up on youtube performing or creating a video.  This is the second lip dub video our school has done, and the kids can’t stop talking about it for weeks after.  We have a feed of it running in the lobby, and kids stop and stare and watch it 20-30 times throughout the year – it never gets old to see yourself up in lights! 🙂

Make memories at school.  Make fun at school.  Make kids want to come, and in turn they will start to want to learn.