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First Day of School!

As always, it seems like only yesterday the kids were all packed up and ready to leave at the end of school in June.  Now we’re back and filling up the desks and lockers again.

It’s important, I think, for kids, parents, and educators all to remember as school begins what it is we’re accomplishing.  Why it’s important to lace up the old dress shoes again.  Why do we do it?

Summer is awesome.  Probably my favorite time of the year, and not just because I get more vacation time.  Summer is great.

But kids, if we didn’t go back to school…you’d never get the chance to save the world.  Educating the youth of today ensures our survival on this planet tomorrow.  We’re going to need more doctors.  We’re going to need more accountants.  We’re going to need engineers and scientists to figure out how to increase our energy supplies.  We’re going to need police men and fire fighters.  And I don’t want anyone saving me from a burning building that can’t read the exit signs, and I don’t want

The Teaching Tightrope

Teaching is a funny occupation.  It’s not a straightforward business where you create a product and the public buys your product.  But in a way, I am a salesman.  I’m selling knowledge, and the kids are the ones buying it.  I have to present it to them in a way they will want to buy it, or they’ll shut down or zone out and not retain anything I’m teaching them.  But at the same time, the ones who are REALLY paying for it are the parents.  And their idea of what good education is – what they actually want to PAY FOR – might be different than what the kids want to buy.  How do you sell to one without alienating the other?  What happens when a parent wants you to teach in a way the kids won’t actually learn?  It’s a tightrope teachers constantly have to walk (not to mention all the additional considerations of legislation) – but as long as we’re TEACHING them, and they are actually LEARNING – you couldn’t ask for anything more.