Make Some Memories

The sad fact is, many students don’t like school.  They don’t want to go to school each morning, they dread the classes, maybe the kids, maybe even the teachers.  This has got to stop!  No kid wakes up on the day they’re to go to disneyland and says “i don’t want to go!”

So – emulate those that have it figured out.  Why not be a little bit more like disneyland?  Or the zoo?  Or the park?  Or all the other places you can think of they always ask “can we go to….”

One way we’ve tapped into a sense of fun is through media publishing.  The kids love getting their face up on youtube performing or creating a video.  This is the second lip dub video our school has done, and the kids can’t stop talking about it for weeks after.  We have a feed of it running in the lobby, and kids stop and stare and watch it 20-30 times throughout the year – it never gets old to see yourself up in lights! 🙂

Make memories at school.  Make fun at school.  Make kids want to come, and in turn they will start to want to learn.

About misteredie1

I am a husband, father, teacher and principal who loves to help students learn and reach their highest potential. I believe teaching is the ground floor to a better world - the children ARE the future!

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