We all don’t think the same


I’m always surprised when the realization hits me – people don’t all think the same as I do.  Old, young, my same age, male, female, it doesn’t matter.  While we all have a collective understanding of some things, so much of our thought process and way of thinking is different.  In fact, every person is different in many ways from everyone else.  So how, then, do we all work together day in day out?

We need UNDERSTANDING that people are different.  This applies to the classroom, boardroom, and living room.  There have been many times that I’ve tried teaching a concept to a student with no luck, only to realize they’ve been coming at the problem from a completely different way than I was.  If I had only tried to think the way they did, I would have been more successful.

The old saying is “walk a mile in their shoes,” but I think you need to slip inside their brain to really get the idea.  Try to move your mind around to their way of thinking, for a minute, to see how they see it.  It requires a limber and flexible mind to do it, but it’s possible!

For instance, I cannot understand why my wife likes to watch old masterpiece theatre “Jane Eyre” productions.  She’s actually seen about three different versions of the same story, and she’ll watch them over again.  Why would anyone want to do that? (I know there’s a few hands up already.)  I could argue with her about it, but I’m not going to change her mind.  She is going to like what she likes, and I have to see that and accept it.

Same way with kids, co workers, bosses…we need to walk a mile in some shoes.  The next time you think to yourself “how could anyone think that way?” realize that they DO think that way.  It’s a fact.  Start trying to understand and accept it, and we’ll all be a lot happier in life.

Unless you make me watch Masterpiece Theatre.



About misteredie1

I am a husband, father, teacher and principal who loves to help students learn and reach their highest potential. I believe teaching is the ground floor to a better world - the children ARE the future!

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