Waterparks – a modern gift for parents O

Waterparks – a modern gift for parents
One of the things we like to do a few times each summer is take the kids to the waterpark. We don’t have money for something big, like Disneyland or even Silverwood – besides the travel time, it costs more for each kid to get in than it would to buy them a new winter coat! – – and its better than just taking them to the park or the movies. We do plenty of that too, but the waterpark is something special (and to them, it’s just as special as an amusement park – all they know is it’s a fun thing that’s new and different – the size difference doesn’t seem to register yet (thank goodness!)
So the waterpark is perfect – I come off looking like an awesome dad, and don’t have to spend much (it cost about 20 bucks for the whole family of six).
One thing that is great about the waterpark is the opportunity for the kids to stretch their boundaries. We started the day with the littlest one not wanting to dip his feet in, and ended the day with him begging me to take him out to the farthest spot of the wave pool. The 5 year old got to experience the slides for the first time, and spent the day jumping headfirst into waves (something he never would have done at the beginning of the summer).
So, the waterpark is a cheap and easy lesson in courage. Good times for all. And mom gets to relax and work on the tan. Win, win.

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