SNOW! Snow in March. March comes in like

SNOW! Snow in March. March comes in like a lion I suppose, but I pictured more blustery days, windy, rainy, etc… Not Snow! We’ve got an inch on the roads!
It really makes me want to have a snow day! I know that would be a guiilty pleasure, but it would be cool. Which makes me think that a mid winter break, around February, would be good. By this time we are starting to get stir crazy (me and the kids) and it’s another month until spring break. It’s not healthy for us. More learning will take place if we have time to go away and process it. The kids need to get out of the classroom and experience life. Go on trips. See things in the outdoors. Then, when we learned about mammals or the life cycle or verbs or whatever, they can think of it in those concepts – in the REAL WORLD. Mid winter break! LEt’s get that started!


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I am a husband, father, teacher and principal who loves to help students learn and reach their highest potential. I believe teaching is the ground floor to a better world - the children ARE the future!

One response to “SNOW! Snow in March. March comes in like”

  1. joyce says :

    You truly are my son and I am proud.

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